Contact the Board

Contact the Board

Shareholders and other interested parties may choose one of the options listed below to discuss issues or concerns related to St. Joe with the Board of Directors.

Call the St. Joe Board


Write the St. Joe Board

The St. Joe Company
Board of Directors

130 Richard Jackson Blvd. Suite 200, 
Panama City, Florida 32407

Email the St. Joe Board

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Concerns relating to St. Joe's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters are referred to the chairperson of the Audit and Finance Committee.

Other concerns are referred to the Chairperson of the Governance and Nominating Committee.

All communications are reviewed by St. Joe’s Corporate Secretary for security purposes and to ensure that the communication relates to relevant business matters. In the discretion of the Corporate Secretary, communications that are commercial advertisements or other forms of solicitation or individual service or billing complaints may not be transmitted to the Board or an individual director.

You will receive a written acknowledgment from St. Joe’s Corporate Secretary, or his designee, upon receipt of your legitimate written issue or concern.